The Space Race was a lie. In the late 1950's, a meteor shower pummeled the Bering Straits. In the debris, American and Soviet scientists simultaneously discovered an off-world bio-metal that they could fabricate into amazing vehicles and weapons. They quickly gathered up and depleted all of the material that had fallen to Earth, and both sides were left wanting more.

This began the real Space Race... The one too brutal to televise. They launched their space programs in their efforts to find additional bio-metal deposits, and it was the military imperative that made the space race so intense -- not Kennedy's "for the greater good of man." Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon was actually the biggest cover-up in American history. Nobody knew that we'd built a full moon base just a few feet away. In fact, it was General Collins, commander of the American moon base at Eagle's Nest One, who took the original picture of Neil stepping onto the moon. It's amazing that nobody ever asked who took that picture. The NSA thought they'd made a real mistake when they released it.

Now you are in command! Lead your troops across the galaxy on a mission to control the alien technology before the Soviets do. Only one super-power can survive in the Battle zone.

From the President of the United States of America

From: President Dwight D. Eisenhower
To: General George Collins
Re: Establishment of the National Space Defense Force (NSDF)
Security Status: Eyes Only
Date: June 3, 1958

After all that we've been through together, I hold you as one of the few men that I trust implicitly. I can't fully express the importance of maintaining the highest level of discretion regarding the information contained within this memorandum. Much has changed since we've spent time together. As Commanders in the Armed Forces, we took for granted that we held many secrets nobody should know, but now my life as President is very different. Many people know more than they should, and it is putting the future of our nation in grave jeopardy.

The news of my health problems are widely known, and I have no idea what will become of me. My gut tells me that it is time to plan for the future, and I'm counting on you to carry forward the defense of our nation. You may feel that you are too old to do what I'm about to ask you to do, but I need someone that I can trust, and I have complete confidence that you are up to the task. That aside, I can only promise that you will see action like you've never seen before. In fact, I wish that I could personally take charge of this operation.

You may recall brief mentions of a meteor shower that struck the Bering Straight six years ago. The seemingly inconsequential phenomena was overshadowed by events on the Korean Peninsula, but in actuality the debris that fell from space will have a much more enduring impact on the future of our nation than the outcome of the conflict in Korea.

Soviet and American scientists simultaneously discovered an odd metal with unknown biological properties amongst the rocks that fell to Earth. We both rushed to gather as much of the material as possible and all known reserves have now been collected.

We've established a research facility in Nevada in order to investigate this "bio-metal." The results of these efforts are astounding. The material itself remains a complete mystery, but we have managed to fabricate some promising munitions from it. It seems that the biological element of the metal contains some sort of memory that allows it to reshape itself into its previous form. Later in this report you will see some of the engineering specifications of what we know the material can do. The bottom line is clear, however. Whoever controls these materials will win the Cold War.

Next month I will publicly establish the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Pending your acceptance of this post, I will also secretly endow the National Space Defense Force (NSDF). No one will know about the NSDFÉ everyone will know about NASA. Let me explain why this is so important.

As you may know, the Soviets have one distinct advantage over us. Their system easily allows them to keep secrets, whereas it seems that I cannot even sneeze without the world knowing. Every last secret from our weapons programs has slipped into Soviet hands. By comparison, their Sputnik caught us by surprise, and our intelligence on their Luna and Zond programs remains limited. We can only assume that they too are trying to gather more of the "bio-metal."

As the presiding General of the NSDF, you will be responsible for recruiting an elite force of engineers and combat personnel that will secretly venture into space in order to gather more of the bio-metal. Your organization will be funded through the NSA, and you will report to nobody, not even me. I fully expect that the NSDF will continue on past my term as President. Subsequent administrations will have no knowledge of the NSDF.

You may recruit under the auspices of NASA. Choose your personnel carefully and do not allow your numbers to exceed one thousand. You should quickly establish a base on the dark side of the moon. Once you have a space foothold, you may begin to recruit a broader force.

Please include this memo in your briefing pack but only distribute it on the moon. I want every one of the people who serve under your command to know that I personally thank them for risking their lives in the service of their country. May God be with you and may you further the legacy of our great nation.