16/12/04 - Last active server!

We found out that there is still one active server in BattleZone - there is .dat file to acces this server. In BattleZone 1.4 there is still some players.

04/04/04 - GuestBook is back.

GuestBook of -0 clan® Official Web Site online again!
We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to see you again in our GuestBook.

06/06/03 - Birthday Of Ser-0

Today is the birthday of the greatest leader of the greatest clan. Birthday of Ser-0, leader of -0 clan® forever!
Everyone, Happy Birthday Ser-0!

18/03/03 - UkrNic

New hosting leader in Ukraine open today – UkrNic!
Check out UkrNic, there you can find best hosting solution which ever exist. For now, it just on Russian language.

UkrNic Hosting Company

02/12/02 - Hall Of Fame Of -0 clan®

Vik-0 and {EL1} ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ -0 placed in Hall Of Fame Of -0 clan® because of huge contribution in development of -0 clan®.

01/12/02 - Main Rule Of -0 clan® updated!

Main Rule Of -0 clan® updated! Check out all changes!

29/11/02 - BattleZone part of -0 clan® closed.

BattleZone part of -0 clan® is closed because BattleZone game in internet is dead. But you can check BattleZone part in our site to see all BattleZone members of -0 clan®.

28/11/02 - Hack part of -0 clan® closed.

The Hack part of -0 clan® was close by Ser-0. -0 clan® don't see any reason to have this part in -0 clan®, hacking don't give anything good to -0 clan®, people who are good in computers are useful in -0 clan®, but they can be just in Whole Clan part of -0 clan®.

Here is the list of members of Hack part of -0 clan®, some of them were kicked out, some were moved to Whole -0 clan® clan:
{EH1}-=Snip**-0 >>> -=Snip**-0
{EH1}Joweeez-0 >>> Joweeez-0
{EH2}RIAN-0 - kicked from -0 clan® by {EL1} ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ -0
{Hak}Ping$$$-0 >>> Ping$$$-0
{Hak}Viper453-0 - kicked from -0 clan® by Ser-0
{Hak}John45-0 - kicked from -0 clan® by Ser-0
{Crk}SnAkE-0 - kicked from -0 clan® by Ser-0

27/11/02 - ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ (EX:2L-0) back!

‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ (EX:2L-0) back to -0 clan®. We are very happy to see ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ in our clan, in past he made so much useful things to us, we always were proud that ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ is in our clan, we were sorry that he left, and now is one of the best days of -0 clan®. -0 clan® can't give back 13 rank of -0 clan® Main Rank System ( Second Leader Of -0 clan®) back to ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ , but he got 11 rank of -0 clan® Main Rank System, and Elite Memberą1 rank in BattleZone rank system. So all welcome {EL1} ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ -0 !

{EL1} ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ -0 also got the right of kicking people form -0 clan®, this right was given to him by Ser-0.

01/10/02 - -0 clan® live foreva!

-0 clan® Official Web Site work again, and will work foreva!

12/04/02 - New desing of -DreaM-TeaM-0 web site

Our Sub-Clan –DreaM-TeaM-0 got new desing, check out there site: Sorry for the text on –DreaM-TeaM-0 site it is Ukraine clan, so all text there not on English language, but menu on English :>)

20/02/02 - Hackers of -0 clan® are displayed now

At least hack part of -0 clan® can be displayed on the site, I can't tell u reason why I can't display it befor but now u can see best hacker.

28/01/02 - New Second Leader Of -0 clan®: Vik-0

Voting finish, and I(Ser-0) agree with this vote.
Result of voting:
Hip-Hop-0: 15%
{EL1}Vik-0: 40%
{Skm}Perets-0: 35%
R1[ROOT]-0: 10%
So congratilation to Vik-0 new Second Leader Of -0 clan®.

17/01/02 - New badge of -0 clan®

All -0 clan® members, now your nick name can be: {somerank}yournick-0 (if u don’t have any Battle Zone or Hack rank so just: yourname-0) or [-0 clan®]{somerank}yournick (if u don’t have any Battle Zone or Hack rank so just: yourname-0), if place where you are doesn't support "®" so make it "(r)".

17/01/02 - full update of -0 clan® Official Web Site

Welcome to new version of -0 clan® Official Web Site.
We didn't change desing, coz it rule, we change structure of -0 clan®.

-0 clan® now got 2 parts: Battle Zone part and Hack part. But also -0 clan® got some other people which are not in any of 2 parts, you can find more about it new rules.

So check all part of -0 clan® Official Web Site to find all information which u need to know about -0 clan®.

13/01/02 - ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ -0 left -0 clan®

The greatest player of BattleZone, the greatest member of -0 clan®: ‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ -0 (kish kosh balabosh-0) left -0 clan®.

There was a bet between me(Ser-0) and kish kosh. Why this bet was started I can't tell u, but the aim of it was: who will lose this duel will leave BattleZone and -0, who will win will be First Leader Of -0 clan®
Kish kosh loose...

Here is screenshots, so anyone can see all about this bet.
The bet.
End of duel on Europa
End of duel on Singularity
‘“·°•*¤{¦#¦}¤*•°·”’ -0 left -0 clan®.

Right now I making a voting, to find out whom -0 clan® members want to see like Second Leader Of -0 clan®.
This is not a public voting , so u need just type your nickname in -0 clan® and type name of new Second Leader Of -0 clan®, only one vote allowed from one -0 clan® member.

U need to choose from: Hip-Hop-0; {EL1}Vik-0 ; {Skm}Perets-0 ; R1[ROOT]-0.
To Vote Click Here

After 2 week (from 14/01/02) I will publish results of voting.
But if I would not like this vote I can make anyone whom I want (Like said part1.1 from Main Rule Of -0 clan®), or I will make new voting.

October 1997 - Start of -0 clan®

Start of -0 clan®, can not tell the date for sure, all news were lose, as all old sites.